Our aim is to create communities that are therapeutic. The structural framework of the therapeutic community, with its culture - rules, boundaries and routines - symbolises the Law and the Other, and provides external containment which can gradually be internalised.

Community Housing and Therapy (CHT) is a registered charity that runs therapeutic communities which help people who are experiencing severe mental ill health gain a foothold in the world by positioning themselves in relationship to the Other and to language, and find stabilisation and identity in relation to the community rather than in relation to their symptoms. Since its foundation CHT has developed a particular therapeutic community style through a critical engagement in Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, and by reflecting on the philosophical foundations of community through a consideration of Heidegger's notions of dwelling, care (Sorge) and being-with (Mitsein).

We believe that all sufferers of mental ill health, regardless of their financial circumstances, should have access to psychotherapy and not just be treated with medication.

CHT treats around 150 patients a year. Most people admitted to our programmes have a psychosis, or what is known in psychiatry as a personality disorder. 

CHT’s staff team comprises of approximately forty five psychotherapists/trainee psychotherapists, and we run a comprehensive Post Graduate level training programme for therapeutic practitioners that is informed by psychoanalysis, and which is accredited by Middlesex University.